• Re-roofing

Re-Roofing your property can be a major project, however, with an abundance of experience in the roofing trade, we know how to complete the job with the minimum of disruption to you. Whether you’re converting a barn, have been subjected to storm or fire damage, or your roof is simply worn out due to natural wear-and-tear, we can certainly help you out. We offer a free, no obligation quotation and also provide free site surveys to assess what needs to be done. We use the best quality materials where possible and always produce work to the highest standards.

• Roofing Repairs

If you have damaged tiles on your roof then this is a problem for two reasons. Firstly it can look unsightly, and secondly it could cause damage – either by falling onto something below, or by letting water into your home. With this in mind, you will need to think about getting your roof fixed. Our team can help with this, and can deal with both large and small roofing jobs to an incredibly high standard. This means that it will be kept in a good state of repair, so if you have noticed a problem with your roof, get in touch with us as soon as you can.

• Roofline & Gutters

The perimeter of your roof is important for many reasons, as it can have an impact on both the ventilation of your roof space and also the effectiveness of how water is taken away from your property. With this being so vital, you should make the most of the service our team have to offer. We can work with you to make sure that you have the perfect roofline and gutter solutions for your needs, therefore ensuring that your property is taken care of as a whole. We can help you to come to the ideal decision, so get in touch today.

• Slate & Tile

Your roof is an important part of your property, as it can help you keep rainwater out of your home. Because of this, you always need to ensure that your slate and tiles are in top condition, and we can help you with this. No matter whether you have a small crack or whether you need entire sections of your roof replacing our team have everything that you need, and this means that your home will be protected as far as possible. If you would like to make the most of our skills, get in touch to find out more.

• Pitched Roofing

The roof on your property is important, because not only can it change the way that your property looks, but it can also help to keep it safe from water damage too. For this reason, if you know that your pitched roof needs to be repaired, you should deal with it as soon as you can, and our team can help you with this. We have skills that have been developed through years of working in the roofing trade, and can offer the ideal solution to any repair that needs to be done. Contact us as soon as possible for a quote on your project.

• Gutter Cleaning

If the gutters around your property are clogged, then water may run down the side of the building, and this is something that can cause issues over time. Because of this, you should try to keep your gutters clean, and our team are able to do this for you. We have many skills in gutter cleaning, meaning that you can be certain that rainwater will be able to run freely. This is a great investment into your property, so if you would like to hear more about the gutter cleaning service that we have to offer, get in touch with us.

• External Wall Coating

When you look at the outside of your house, you will want to see something that is both attractive and durable in equal measure. If this is what you are looking for for your property at present, then our wall coating service could be just what you need. The coating is applied thickly to your wall, and provides a high quality finish that can really transform the look of your property. Not only this, but it helps to make your wall much more durable, therefore saving you money on repairs in the future. For a great investment into your home, contact us and ask about our wall coating service today.

• EPDM Flat Rubber Roofing(Oscar awarded)

When it comes to choosing a roofing material, many homeowners aren’t aware of the potential benefits of rubber flat roofing. But perhaps it is time that many of them did so with the help of Aquaproof Roofing based in Newcastle upon Tyne here’s all you need to know about EPDM roofs.

Rubber roofing, otherwise known as EPDM, is an excellent choice of material for a flat roof, with the pros overshadowing the cons.

So What Are the Benefits of Rubber Roofing?

One of the big advantages of rubber is the price. Compared to the price of alternative roofing materials, the cost compares very favourably despite the requirement for a homeowner to use an accredited roofing company in Newcastle Not only is the roofing material itself less expensive than most other choices, but the product is also lightweight, and installation is fast and easy, reducing labor and installation costs. The rubber is glued into place, negating the use of heat, which can adversely affect a homeowner’s insurance policy. 

Long lifespan Most of these roofs are laid in a single piece, which means there are no seams or very few, depending on the exact layout of the roof. Few seams mean few places for water to seep under the roofing and destroy the home. A well-installed EPDM roof may last upwards of 50 years if installed by a qualified roofer, as it isn’t vulnerable to damaging UV rays. Even large hailstones and high winds don’t pose problems for rubber roofs. Today, even EPDM roofs that were laid in the 1970s are still around.

Repair work is easy to perform and therefore can be fixed quickly and cheaply. When it comes to repairing rubber, sometimes it just requires a tube of liquid rubber; alternatively, the roof may be repaired using a special tape. Whenever necessary, repairing an EPDM rubber roof normally poses no problems whatsoever.

Maintenance is another advantage. Rubber requires very little care in contrast to almost every other roofing material. Most maintenance extends to perhaps repainting the roof using an acrylic paint every dozen years or so.

Environmentally friendly – Often made from recycled materials, to begin with, the rubber itself requires less energy to manufacture compared with most other roofing materials. At the end of its long life, the roof is completely recyclable.

Resistant to fire – In addition to being almost completely fire retardant, the rubber will slow down the progress of any internal fire in your home. Homeowners should check with their homeowner’s insurance to see if there is a rate reduction for installing an EPDM roof.

Energy Efficient Roofing Material- Rubber is an energy efficient choice for flat roofing. Particularly with more lightly coloured residential roofing, the homeowner may benefit from reduced air conditioning costs as EPDM is a reflective material. EDPM also insulates the home, trapping in the heat to reduce energy costs and utility bills in the colder months. Rubber won’t freeze or crack under extreme cold. Rubber roofing is incredibly versatile in terms of its suitability to both hot and cold weather.

One of the primary drawbacks to a rubber roof is its appearance. EPDM rubber roofing is mostly black in colour. For residential usage, nowadays it’s possible to use acrylic paint to customise the appearance of any rubber roof, and it’s very easy and inexpensive to achieve. It’s actually recommended to use acrylic paint on the roof anyway as it enhances the roof’s durability.

EPDM roofing can also be manufactured in long thin strips, in order to mimic the appearance of shingles. Faux shingles allow a rubber roof to look almost exactly look other neighbourhood roofs. And, of course, rubber shingles can be painted almost any color to resemble other types of roofs while still providing the homeowner with 50 years or more of unsurpassed protection. 

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